Recruitment & Selection We recruit & train staff for companies with the necessary
motivation, skills and resources needed to thrive in a
dynamic business world.
Looking For A Job? Submit your curriculum vitae (CV) online and
apply for available positions in our partner
Outsourcing We take care of all your staff outsourcing needs
so you can focus your energies on your business.
Marketing & Strategy We offer consultancy services to individuals,
start up and existing organizations for general
business and marketing challenges.

We are in partnership with IBTA and HIBM solutions

Inline with the entrepreneurial human capacity development program, we provide the right platform to build on other professional courses in partnership with IBTA and HIBM solutions which will help entrepreneurs with necessary skills to attempt professional exams that will enable them make the right decisions.

Why Choose Us

Policies Development

Through our HR policy development services, we will develop an effective HR policies that will be tailored towards your peculiar needs.

Performance Management System

Our approach to staffing is based on creative recruitment processes whereby our recruits are qualified individuals with the right attitude towards the job roles/positions which creates and establishes a strong relationship with our clients.


We offer staffing solutions to businesses and our services covers all aspect of recruitment and training, which begins with the sourcing and hiring to the on-boarding of staff. We provide you the right skill for all designations at all levels, from entry level trainees to executive.


Contract staffing or staff augmentation is an intelligent option for those seeking to meet their immediate needs for specialized personnel.

Business Consultancy

We provide entrepreneurs with necessary skills to give them the advantage of making the right decisions that will benefit them in the best possible way.

Corporate Branding

We develop effective marketing strategies for start-ups and existing organizations through publicity and other forms of promotions.

With proof of our work on ground and in the marketplace we have been able to manage, support and consult for top businesses in Nigeria. 

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